Motivational Speaking

Now, as a motivational speaker, Gabriel Cordell finally gets to share his inspiring story of turning tragedy and struggle into triumph. Some of his topics include;

  • Embracing Your Circumstances

  • Overcoming Addiction

  • Finding Your True Purpose

  • The Power of The Human Will

  • Giving Back

  • Keep Moving Forward

  • Living Up to Your Potential

  • Teamwork


"Gabe Cordell was the keynote speaker at our annual Manager’s Meeting in December. His talk was so inspirational! It was riveting the way he talked about the odds he overcame and the ways he continues to push and challenge himself. He has a great way of connecting with the audience and getting everyone to feel like anything is possible with dedication and determination. His story is a testament to the strength and resilience of the human spirit."

~Lisa Vere

"Gabe. Pretty Awesome. What an Amazing story! His conviction and strength to endure, to overcome, and his accomplishments, allow us to see the big picture when we are faced with challenges in the day to day grind. Our challenges are meaningless in the way they compare to what he overcame. When people are faced with real life challenges, they either fight through or just become a victim.
He chose to fight through…and go beyond."

~Ron Clarkson

He's a Champion!  He’s a Warrior!

"I had the privilege of spending time with Gabe. What an inspiration! He looks beyond himself, setting his goal to encourage others."
~Cathy H