Gabriel Cordell

Roll for Peace


“One person and one idea is all it takes to change one mind or save one life”

Roll For Peace is a journey across Israel to promote tolerance and compassion. It is the second epic journey undertaken by paraplegic Gabriel Cordell. In 2013, Gabriel rolled his wheelchair across the United States to inspire others to aim high and to demonstrate that the power of the human will is limitless. Gabriel next went to the birthplace of his parents, to roll in the name of peace.

“When I see these wars taking place and the innocent lives that are lost on both sides, I feel the need to do something about it.”  ~ Gabriel Cordell

On September 21st, 2014, International Day of Peace, Gabriel began his Roll For Peace from Haifa to Tel Aviv, in his wheelchair, pushing every mile with his arms. Roll For Peace is a call for people to see past physical, cultural and historical differences and focus instead on their shared humanity.

Gabriel also had the honor of speaking at The East Jerusalem YMCA, where he not only shared his story about rolling for peace but had the opportunity to hear the stories of so many who were less fortunate.

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Pikes Peak Mountain Roll